Non-linear multi-point flux approximation in the near-well region

Milan Dotlić, Boris Pokorni, Milenko Pušić, Milan Dimkić

We consider non-linear multi-point flux approximations (MPFA) scheme for flow simulations in a model of anisotropic porous medium that includes wells. The hydraulic head varies logarithmically and its gradient changes rapidly in the well vicinity. Due to this strong non-linearity of the near-well flow, use of the MPFA scheme in the near well region results in a completely wrong total well flux and an inaccurate hydraulic head distribution. In this article we propose correction of the MPFA scheme. The outcome is a scheme that is second-order accurate even in the well vicinity for anisotropic medium. Solution obtained with this scheme respects minimum and maximum principle, and also, it is non-oscillating.