A Generator of SQL Schema Specifications

Slavica Aleksić, Ivan Luković, Pavle Mogin, Miro Govedarica

IIS*Case is an integrated CASE tool that supports the automation and intelligent support of complex and highly formalized design and programming tasks in the development of an information system. IIS*Case, as a tool from the class of domain oriented design environments, generates relational database schemas in 3rd normal form with all relevant data constraints. SQL Generator is an IIS*Case tool that generates the implementation specification of a database schema according to ANSI SQL:2003 standard. The generator may also produce a database schema specification for Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle DBMSs. The paper describes SQL Generator's traits, considers aspects of its application, and shows its use in the implementation of a complex database constraint using procedural mechanisms of a particular relational DBMS. SQL Generator is implemented in Java and Oracle JDeveloper environment.