Hierarchical Authority Based Weighted Attribute Encryption Scheme

Qiuting Tian, Dezhi Han, Yanmei Jiang

With the development of cloud storage technology, data storage security has become increasingly serious. Aiming at the problem that existing attributebased encryption schemes do not consider hierarchical authorities and the weight of attribute. A hierarchical authority based weighted attribute encryption scheme is proposed. This scheme will introduce hierarchical authorities and the weight of attribute into the encryption scheme, so that the authorities have a hierarchical relationship and different attributes have different importance. At the same time, the introduction of the concept of weight makes this scheme more flexible in the cloud storage environment and enables fine-grained access control. In addition, this scheme implements an online/offline encryption mechanism to improve the security of stored data. Security proof and performance analysis show that the scheme is safe and effective, and it can resist collusion attacks by many malicious users and authorization centers. It is more suitable for cloud storage environments than other schemes.