A Novel SMP-based Survivability Evaluation Metric and Approach in Wireless Sensor Network

Hongsong Chen, Haiyan Zhuang, Zhiguang Shan, Chao-Hsien Lee, Zhongchuan Fu

In Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) device and network, wireless sensor network (WSN) is an important component.Routing protocol is the critical component of WSN. As the WSN may be attacked by all kinds of intruders, the survivability of WSN is important to IIoT security. To precisely evaluate the systematic survivability ability under external attack and internal security mechanism,a novel survivability entropy-based quantitative evaluation metric is proposed to calculate the systematic survivability ability of WSN routing protocol. Numerical analysis and simulation experiments are combined to precisely calculate the survivability entropy metric.To validate the evaluation approach, NS2 (Network simulator) is used to simulate the DoS attack and security mechanism in WSN. Experimental results show that the novel survivability evaluation metric and method can precisely evaluate the systematic survivability ability of WSN.