SARSA Based Access Control with Approximation by TileCoding

Fei Zhu, Pai Peng, Quan Liu, Yuchen Fu, Shan Zhong

Traditional sensor nodes ignore the packet loss rate during information transmission and the access control security problem caused by server utilization when uploading data. To solve the problem, we propose a SARSA based access control method with approximation by TileCoding (SACT), which takes the sensor packet loss rate and the server error rate into account. The network state is estimated by the packet loss rate and variable bit error rate to get a server access control strategy to improve security performance. The eventual strategy complies with the minimum information loss and the maximum server utilization. Results of experiments show that the algorithm is capable of achieving good results in the total amount of information received by the server system. The SACT improves the server utilization rate and the overall security performance of the network.