Towards OntoUML for Software Engineering: Transformation of Kinds and Subkinds into Relational Databases

Zdeněk Rybola, Robert Pergl

OntoUML is an ontologically well-founded conceptual modelling language that distinguishes various types of classifiers and relations providing precise meaning to the modelled entities. While Model-Driven Development is a wellestablished approach, OntoUML has been overlooked so far as a conceptual modelling language for the PIM of application data. This paper is an extension of the paper presented at MDASD 2016, where we outlined the transformation of Rigid Sortal Types - Kinds and Subkinds. In this paper, we discuss the details of various variants of the transformation of these types and the rigid generalization sets. The result of our effort is a complete method for preserving high-level ontological constraints during the transformations, specifically special multiplicities and generalization set meta-properties in a relational database using views, CHECK constraints and triggers.