Annotation of the Medical Images Using Quick Response Codes

Girūta Kazakevičiūtė-Januškevičienė, Andrius Ušinskas, Eugenijus Januškevičius, Jurgita Ušinskienė, Simona Letautienė

The article proposes a novel annotating method of sufficient capacity and intended not only on-line but for off-line using for information preservation all advantages of two-dimensional barcodes. The semantic annotations are embedded directly into the reasonably chosen area of the image and bound by spatial identifiers with corresponding regions. The embedding method deals with the different quality requirements of the regions. Two-dimensional QR codes are used as the physical carrier of the annotation, providing the industrial grade for information detection, resilience and error correction capabilities. The annotation is distributed in a series of QR codes for efficient use of the available space. The results reveal that the spatial domain based technique is faster and has higher data embedding capacity than JPEG 2000 based. The amount of embedded information preserving the acceptable image quality in both proposed embedding cases is higher the average length of the presented original descriptions.