Actual State of the Coverage of Mexican Software Industry Requested Knowledge Regarding the Project Management Best Practices

Mirna Muñoz, Adriana Peña Pérez Negrón, Jezreel Mejia, Graciela Lara López

In Mexico, the small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are key for the software development industry. For them, having highly qualified personal for the development of high quality software products is a fundamental piece to guarantee their permanency in the market. Therefore, matching the software industry requirements with the academy training represents a significant problem that must be addressed for both sectors benefit. This paper presents an analysis of the coverage between the Moprosoft norm, standard developed to be used for software industry to ensure quality in Software Engineering practices, and ten academic curricular programs of higher education related to Computer Science and Informatics; to get an overview of the knowledge and skills that Computer Science students acquire at universities, regarding knowledge required in organizations that work under process models. In addition, a survey to 32 SMEs was conducted to contrast the coverage results with their hired, recently graduated, personal.