MyPMP: A Plug-in for Implementing the Metamodeling Approach for Project Management in Small-sized Software Enterprises

Ivan Garcia, Carla Pacheco, Magdalena Arcilla-Cobián, Jose A. Calvo-Manzano

Nowadays, with the recurrent demands of high quality, delivery on time and no extra costs, the task of managing a software project could be extremely complex for any software enterprise. Furthermore, small-sized software enterprises face several problems (e.g., lack of knowledge, human and financial resources, time, and size of staff) that, undoubtedly, make this task more difficult. In this context, obtaining a simplified version of the management activities can be a helpful alternative for these enterprises. In this way, that an inexperienced project manager can define the management process that best fits with a particular project is not an easy task. Thus, this paper introduces the metamodeling approach in order to help project managers to define a process for managing a software project. Therefore, with the aim to validate its feasibility an add-in program was developed as a part of a case study. The achieved results show an important reduction in project's effort and time needed to develop a new software product.