An Approach for the Development of Context-Driven Web Map Solutions Based on Interoperable GIS platform

Miloš Bogdanović, Aleksandar Stanimirović, Leonid Stoimenov

In this paper we will define and describe a novel approach for the development of context-driven Web Map solutions. Our approach relies on an architecture we define and present in this paper as an enhancement of GIS application interoperability platforms. The enhancement is performed through introduction of a specific architectural layer which enables the development of context-driven Web Map solutions. A novel architectural layer we introduce consists of two central components: Web Map Context Service and Context Proposal Service. These services take advantage of existing GeoNis framework for interoperability of GIS applications and enable users get appropriately visualized geospatial data depending on their Web map context. The novel architectural layer performs externalization of Web map contexts in separate files complaint to Web Map Context Documents specification. Web map context files are used as configuration files to configure map display elements for each user. Rendering capabilities are also delegated to the client side which simplifies server components and improves system performances. The enhanced platform is capable of adapting to different users’ needs without changing its internal structure and improves the level Web Map solution usability. Also, in this paper we will present an implementation of the proposed architecture and services with purpose of demonstrating the ability of our proposal to apply the existing GIS application interoperability platform for different Web map contexts and styles for viewing maps.