Adaptive Mobile Visualization - The Chameleon Framework

Paulo Pombinho, Maria Beatriz Carmo, Ana Paula Afonso

The evolution of mobile devices and the development of high speed wireless networks have supported a widespread use of these devices with increasingly more complex applications. This reality has fostered the research in the field of information visualization in mobile devices. However, the limited screen space, resource constraints and interaction restrictions impose difficulties to developers and users of these applications. An approach to address these problems is to adapt the visualization to the user context. However, these proposals are normally designed in an ad-hoc fashion and are difficult to generalize. In addition, existing solutions are focused only in some subset of possible characteristics of the user context or only address a very specific domain and related adaptations. The objective of this paper is to present the design of a framework for adaptive mobile visualization (AMV) applications, denominated Chameleon, and the development and evaluation of prototypes that use this conceptual-based framework.