Dynamic Load Balancing Technology for Cloud-oriented CDN

Hui He, Yana Feng, Zhigang Li, Zhenguang Zhu, Weizhe Zhang, Albert Cheng

With soaring demands of Internet content services, content delivery network (CDN), one of the most effective content acceleration techniques, is applied into Internet services. Content routing functions in CDN are generally realized by load balancing system. Effectiveness of load balancing strategy determines response speed to users and user experience (UE) directly. This paper extracted the most important influencing factor of CDN loading from common network services and proposed the Variable Factor Weighted Least Connection. The proposed algorithm made real-time computing and dynamic regulation in considering of effect of network applications on server load index, performance changes of the server and workload changes. It has been applied in LVS kernel system successfully. The experiment confirmed that the CDN load schedule system with Variable-Factor-Weighted-Least-Connection could balance loads among cluster servers dynamically according to processing capacity changes of servers, thus enabling to provide users desired services and contents during high large-scale concurrence accesses of users.