Customized QoS-based Mashups for the Web of Things: An Application of AHP

Nikos Vesyropoulos, Christos K. Georgiadis

During the past few years the notion of the Web of Things (WoT) as a collection of innovative ideas and technologies, is emerging as a compelling way for businesses to provide value-added services to fulfill their clients’ needs. By creating virtual counterparts of a number of real life objects, whose functionality can be accessed through simple RESTful service operations, an abundance of physical services can complement the existing services provided by an enterprise. This however can complicate things in matter of selection and composition of services for end-users. As a result, a need for new filtering techniques arises that can identify both physical and virtual services and provide value added mashups, based on personalized and QoS-based criteria. In this work, we propose a framework in order to address this issue, integrating a Multicriteria Decision Analysis method, in order to create customized QoS-based service mashups.