PaaS Manager: A Platform-as-a-Service Aggregation Framework

David Cunha, Pedro Neves, Pedro Sousa

The advent of Cloud Computing opened new opportunities in several areas, namely in the application development processes. As consequence, nowadays, PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) service model allows simpler and flexible deployment strategies of applications, avoiding the need for dedicated networks, servers, storage, and other services. Within this context, several PaaS providers exist in the market, but each one having specific characteristics, proprietary technologies and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Based on such assumptions, this work addresses the challenge of devising a PaaS aggregation solution with the objective of unifying the information and management processes of applications created in PaaS environments. The proposed solution, denominated as PaaS Manager, take the form of a PaaS API aggregator aiming to struggle the existing lock-in in the PaaS market. In this perspective, this paper describes the specification, development and test of the proposed PaaS Manager solution. As result of this framework, end-users are able to select the most appropriate PaaS platform for an application, interacting with any supported vendor through a unique deployment and management interface.