A Design Specification and a Server Implementation of the Inverse Referential Integrity Constraints

Slavica Aleksić, Sonja Ristić, Ivan Luković, Milan Čeliković

The inverse referential integrity constraints (IRICs) are specialization of non-key-based inclusion dependencies (INDs). Keybased INDs (referential integrity constraints) may be fully enforced by most current relational database management systems (RDBMSs). On the contrary, non-key-based INDs are completely disregarded by actual RDBMSs, obliging the users to manage them via custom procedures and/or triggers. In this paper we present an approach to the automated implementation of IRICs integrated in the SQL Generator tool that we developed as a part of the IIS*Studio development environment. In the paper the algorithms for insertion, modification and deletion control are presented, alongside with parameterized patterns for their implementation for DBMSs MS SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 10g. It is also given an example of generated procedures/triggers.