A Framework for Developing and Implementing the Enterprise Technical Architecture

Tiko Iyamu

Organizations build, buy and reuse different types of technology with the intention to addressing their organizational needs, challenges and for competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the means is not the end. Instead, in some ways, it leads to complications and complexities, and more importantly, consumes more resources. Some organizations have adopted the technical architecture approach to address the challenges posed by technology deployment. The technical architecture is intended to address aspects, from strategic planning to implementation of technology infrastructures. This is to consistently effect significant technological change within the environment. The technical architecture approach facilitates and enables prioritization of analysis, development and implementation, which are based on value added business requirements and vision. It therefore allows the organization to proceed at its own pace while progressing at the same time. The paper presents model which reflects the consistent approach that adaptive enterprises could employ to build, maintain, and apply technical architecture in the computing environment. The model emphasizes a holistic approach to technical architecture deployment in the organization.