An XML-algebra for Efficient Set-at-a-time Execution

Maxim Lukichev, Boris Novikov, Pankaj Mehra

The importance of XML query optimization is growing due to the rising number of XML-intensive data mining tasks. Earlier work on algebras for XML query focused mostly on rule-based optimization and used node-at-a-time execution model. Heavy query workloads in modern applications require cost-based optimization which is naturally supported by the set-at-a-time execution model. This paper introduces an algebra with only set-at-a-time operations, and discusses expression reduction methods and lazy evaluation techniques based on the algebra. Our experiments demonstrate that, for queries with complex conditional and quantified expressions, the proposed algebra results in plans with much better performance than those produced by the state-of-the-art algebras. For relatively simple queries, the proposed methods are expected to yield plans with comparable performance.