A Personalized Multimedia Contents Recommendation Using a Psychological Model

Won-Ik Park, Sanggil Kang, Young-Kuk Kim

With the development and diffusion of compact and portable mobile devices, users can use multimedia content such as music and movie on personal mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. However, even with the rapid development of mobile device technology, it is still not easy to search multimedia content or manage large volume of content in a mobile device with limited resources. To resolve these problems, an approach for recommending content on the server-side is one of the popular solutions. However, the recommendation in a server also leads to some problems like the scalability for a lot of users and the management of personal information. Therefore, this paper defines a personal content manager which acts between content providers (server) and mobile devices and proposes a method for recommending multimedia content in the personal content manager. For the recommendation based on user's personal characteristic and preference, this paper adopts and applies the DISC model which is verified in psychology field for classifying user's behavior pattern. The proposed recommendation method also includes an algorithm for reflecting dynamic environmental context. Through the implements and evaluation of a prototype system, this paper shows that the proposed method has acceptable performance for multimedia content recommendation.