TRM-IoT: A Trust Management Model Based on Fuzzy Reputation for Internet of Things

Dong Chen, Guiran Chang, Dawei Sun, Jiajia Li, Jie Jia, Xingwei Wang

Since a large scale Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is to be completely integrated into Internet as a core part of Internet of Things (IoT) or Cyber Physical System (CPS), it is necessary to consider various security challenges that come with IoT/CPS, such as the detection of malicious attacks. Sensors or sensor embedded things may establish direct communication between each other using 6LoWPAN protocol. A trust and reputation model is recognized as an important approach to defend a large distributed sensor networks in IoT/CPS against malicious node attacks, since trust establishment mechanisms can stimulate collaboration among distributed computing and communication entities, facilitate the detection of untrustworthy entities, and assist decision-making process of various protocols. In this paper, based on in-depth understanding of trust establishment process and quantitative comparison among trust establishment methods, we present a trust and reputation model TRM-IoT to enforce the cooperation between things in a network of IoT/CPS based on their behaviors. The accuracy, robustness and lightness of the proposed model is validated through a wide set of simulations.