Web4WeB e-Collaboration tools

Valentina Janev, Jovan Duduković, Jelena Jovanović, Sanja Vraneš

This paper introduces and compares two innovative tools aimed at enhancing the collaborative work of the researchers and professionals from the West Balkan countries in the Semantic Web field. The first tool, the Alfresco system, is a version controlled content repository designed in REST architectural style and based on a set of document management and collaboration services. The Alfresco workflow engine enables organization and automation of the process activities. The second tool, the Semantic MediaWiki portal, is a semantic collaboration tool and knowledge management system that leverages the latest Semantic Web (SW) technologies and standards. By using semantic annotations, it enriches the Web contents with semantics and makes the knowledge explicit. Thus, it provides structured access to information and accurate and precise knowledge retrieval. This paper discusses the customization of these tools and their utilization in the Web Technologies for West Balkan countries (Web4WeB) project.